Homage to my one of my favourite books

I have so many favourites I felt the need to correct my title on this particular Blog, for like one’s children, there really is no true favourite. (No matter how much they…books and children a like…clamor that one is indeed more revered than the other!….not true, not true!!) Each has its own quality that settles perfectly on my spirit and brings me what I seek the most, happiness.

My first introduction to the thrill of dropping free fall into the pages of well versed prose, was back when I stepped on to that library bus that visited my public school every month in Ottawa, Ontario. Oh, the magic those sturdy bus wheels carried from one school to another, how I envied the bus driver his job! Imagine having all those books at your back everyday as you went about your work! At least the poor driver would not be subjected to the repetitive chorus of…”the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round”….not, and never will be one of my favourite travelling songs!

This morsel from the past, this memory of transported books, touches upon what I dream about, what I strife for, it’s right there high on the top of my Get Doing List: To write full time. At that point, for I have no doubt it will happen, I too will have books at my back, at my side, under my desk…I will be surrounded by talented writers that will speak to me, and teach me. Now, if I could just get that water view…lake or ocean, either will do… an inspirational view from my office window, the water catching the sun as the swells stretch out just beyond my backyard.

There’s something to be said about this making a Life List exercise; there’s an additive taste to the process that may just keep me at it!

The first books I borrowed from my bus library were filled with animals, mainly horses, but dogs were never far behind, and what’s a dog without a cat? I folded those books into my arms, hugging them close to my chest, a life preserver of pages that would never let me drown. I left school holding those books, believing, without a doubt, that they held the secrets of where I would go, who I would be. Each book taught me to dream, and to reach a little further.

I still have one of my first books with me, it was a treasured Christmas gift found tucked deep within my stocking called Wish for a Pony by Monica Edwards. It sits in a place of honour on my writing desk, placed so that I can see it when I open my laptop and begin working. It reminds me each day of the joy I felt every time I lost myself in its pages and began, slowly, to get a glimpse of the person I would become.

Whenever I opened that book I could hear the children’s laughter as they rode their ponies near the water, I could see them racing along the edges of the beach, their passage throwing up droplets of water in a wide arc, like rainbows pulled across the sky after a rainfall. I could hear their hopes for the next day, and the next, I could reach out and catch hold of their dreams as they drifted by. The summer waves, the seagulls flying over the water, all became part of me as I felt myself being pulled into the story. I followed the children willingly through the pages, my feet pulling through the sand with ease.

I want to float with that magic again; I want to hear the promise of friendship over the sand dunes where possibilities stretch out forever. I long for that electricity, that tingle of anticipation for the future.

I do feel something akin to this spark when a sentence forms just perfectly, when the tone of each word rings off the page exactly the way I imagined it would. At that moment, I feel the hope in each letter, and I wish it would linger for a while longer, before it slips away.

Does a book have a soul? I think it does, for I believe every story written carries away a bit of its creator on each carefully crafted page.

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Please take a moment to check out my tab labeled Books and other Lovers for a peek at some of my early loves.

Let me know about what books, past or present, still manage to tug at your heartstrings!

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  1. Laurie Bernard says:

    I remember walking all the way into downtown Kingston from the army base to spend most of the day at the Public Library and then walking all the way home with an armload of books! Ahh the wonder of The Black Stallion and Island of the Blue Dolphins! Why do young girls fall in love with animal books?! Is it the same for boys?

  2. Carole-Ann says:

    That’s a good question Laurie! We know growing up the boys were in the Hardy Boys, but as to the animal books..hmmm. Mind you I think Jack London’s Call of the Wild was a fav for a lot of guys. We shall have to survey some guys for this answer!

  3. Sharon Clare says:

    It was My Friend Flicka for me when I was little ( a horse story). That and anything to do with Nancy Drew. I owe my love of reading to them both!

  4. Shane Young says:

    I don’t have a favourite book yet because I am waiting for a book to come out written by an author by the name of Carole-Ann Vance.

  5. Gwen Hannaford says:

    Ditto….. waiting for Carole-Ann’s book………….and know it will be my favorite…..
    We can look forward to that when????????????

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