Collecting Good Ideas

We all have them…good ideas that float in and out of our lives; some we pay attention to, some we allow to drift gently away untouched, but all start from the beginning, fresh and new, as solid ‘good ideas’.

One of my favourite good idea calls is borrowed from Audrey Hepburn who stated, “Paris is always a good idea”.  Of course, it is expected that Hepburn, with her gentle classic style, would have such a softly aged city as the top leader on her list.

I have never hidden my love for the City of Lights, a place I have only managed to visit once, but like a promise spoken, I know I will return; however, for this post I am going to dig deeper into my collection of ideas, in search of those that bring me closer to home.

I think…

Sleeping in is a good idea.

Squishy pillows with cool spots to lay your head.

The window open when sleeping, so that in the winter, you slip down further into warmth, wrapping the duvet tight and tucking it just under your chin.

Afternoon naps with the sun warm on your face.

Buying books, old or new.

Art pencils newly sharpened.

Walking barefoot.

Saying, Hi Mom.

Saying, I love you.

I think…

Chocolate is always a good idea.

Antique stores

Vintage suitcases that hold memories tucked into their worn material.

Lace and linen that show their age elegantly.

Writing truthfully.

Placing words in the right sequence, so that the music of the story can be heard perfectly.

Making a book with your very own hands.

Finding the perfect story is a good idea.

Writing with a fountain pen and understanding that there’s still time.

Blowing bubbles, watching them float up further than you can reach, and hoping they go past the point where your dreams failed.

I think that children believe in bubbles, and dreams that never end…how can I not trust that this too is always a good idea.

Have you checked your collection of good ideas recently?

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