What I am Discovering

I am discovering…

*that your hair really does grow back pretty quickly after a bad hair cut.

*that laughing until tears start down your face is truly the best work out for both body and soul.

*that I’m starting to wear the same frumpy hoodie whenever I sit down to write.

*that sometimes, if you’re really lucky, the pain in your heart really does start to ease up, if only a little bit.

*that early mornings aren’t quite as painful when you know you can go back to bed.

*that along with blue and white china, I also love the peaceful shades of green.

*that nobody should have to work Mondays…unless you really, really want to (but seriously who would?).

*that time moves at a different pace when you spend your days at home…and that’s okay.

*that it’s true that with each passing year, time does indeed begin to accelerate.  Is that because when we were kids we walked in a place where time as yet could not find us?  During childhood, dusk turned into a magical moment where dreams had texture, and summers heat lasted an eternity.  If I close my eyes I can almost taste the forever of that time.

*that I love fashion jewellery with a classic twist.

*that I love short boots with high heels partnered with straight leg jeans or black slim dress pants.

*that I feel lost if I don’t have a book on the go.

*that even though I should have done some things differently in my life, I would never, ever change the wonderful on going experience of being a mother.  Sometimes I look at my children and think…Wow!…how amazing are they?!

*that I want to always write.

*that I want to start drawing again.

*that I have, it’s true, always been a dreamer.

*that some pens do make you a better writer.

*that seeing a man cry hurts more than you can imagine.

*that I’m starting to get excited about things again.

*that I want more colour in my life.

*that grace and dignity are worth working towards.

The real person you are is revealed in the moments when you’re certain no other person is watching.  When no one is watching, you are driven by what you expect of yourself. Ralph S Marston Jr

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4 Responses to What I am Discovering

  1. Carole-Ann, I love this! There is all kinds of hope and humour mixed in with just the right amount of salt-in-the-wounds hurt, kind of like life. Lovely.

  2. Sharon Clare says:

    What a lovely post, Carole-Ann. It reminds me of the few times I’ve read that accounting for the things we are grateful for as we fall asleep and first wake up will make us more peaceful.

    Isn’t it amazing though how summer lasted forever in grade 4!

    • Carole-Ann says:

      I try to work on the gratitude, it helps to put things in perspective for me. I did some reading with Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic and I found the morning and evening gratitude exercise very helpful!

      And you are so right Sharon, summer lasted forever back in Grade 4, that I do miss!

      Thanks for your comments!!

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