This Day

A cloud passed over me, its movement a silky sheet caught in the wind.  I could tell it carried darkness with it and I became afraid.

I watched it move on, catching the breeze with its soft curls, but I felt the chill it left in its wake sink deep into my skin.

I was changed somehow and feared stepping forward, although I understood I could not turn back, for the past was no longer an anchor.

I closed my eyes and whispered a soft plea for guidance.

I heard a strong, familiar voice and smiled at the words that spoke clearly of those I love and the many roads I would travel.  I opened my eyes and was startled to realize the voice was my own, and this reality gave me strength.

“I have a voice now!” I shouted loudly to the cloud slipping further into the distance.    “I have a voice.”  And turning away, I strode forward with no hesitation, my step firm and determined, as I moved into this day that was my own.

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