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Farewell Penny

I was sorry to see the faithful penny removed from the line up of our Canadian currency.  I always felt the penny, just like the sturdy red caboose that was, for me, the explanation mark of the travelling freight train, … Continue reading

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The Day I Took to my Bed

I experienced a day recently, which was loaded with headache inducing stress, and I couldn’t seem to find the reserve to handle the changes that were swirling and bumping, rather aggressively, into my life.  I wanted to stop this move … Continue reading

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A Valentine Story

Way, way back, long before some insightful baker dreamt up cupcakes that wore crinoline, there was an awful, terrible event called Valentine’s Day in public school. Shudder Back then the little darlings of the preteen set, even the pre-preteen set, … Continue reading

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February Snow Day!

The winter storm pushes me inside today.  I seek the warmth of the fire and the curl of my toes around the softness of home. I love the gentle silence of the snowflakes filling the air, the crunch of the … Continue reading

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