Looking for my words

I have a number of feats I want to accomplish during my lifetime.    I am constantly making lists, mapping out plans, but sometimes I become discouraged, especially when recently hit hard by a nasty virus that is running amuck through the office.  Obviously I have to become acclimatized to my new playground.

During such times, my words become lost or jumbled, and I feel my writing will never stretch and grow along with my expectations.   When these moments occur, I need reminders of endless possibilities and colours, and springtime is the best season for such delights.

I thought I would share some bursts of colour with you until I find my words once again. There is one picture…I’m sure you will know which one…that stands out from all the rest for me, and reigns as one of my favourites.

Welcome to the season of new beginnings!

And hey, if you happen upon some of my lost words out there, please send them on back to me; I appreciate any help I can get! 

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