Swirling my hand through the colours

On our last trip to visit my brother and sister in law in Germany, my husband Den and I were treated to a sensory bath at Lake Konigssee. 

The lake is tucked like a well kept secret deep in the Bavarian Alps, not far from the border of Austria.  Konigssee holds the third highest rating in depth, and top honours for being the cleanest lake in Germany.  Due to this latter honour, only electric powered, or paddleboats are allowed to skim across its surface, in order to preserve the pristine clarity of its water and surrounding edges.

Tucked at the base of a circle of mountains, it acts like a ladle that collects the minute traces of every season as they flow down off the rocks and valleys and cumulate in a stream of colour in the depths of water.

The air that day was crisp and tangy, its edges strong enough to carry our words across the lake and up into the clouds topping the mountains and beyond.

“It’s as if we’ve walked into a painting,” Den said, and that was the truth.  We grew quiet, sensing that our noise, our presence, might disrupt this natural work of art.  All around us was a beauty so layered it appeared to stretch on forever. 

As we listened, cowbells sounded high above us, although the cows were not even visible in the clear light of the day.  Clarity of colour and sound, something we experience so rarely in our everyday lives, pulled us into the canvas.

I dipped my hands into the swirl of colour drifting by on the gentle waves of the lake, wishing only that this day would soak deep into every aspect of my life.

I love memories of trips taken; each one allows me the opportunity to walk once again amongst the threads of happy moments. 

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4 Responses to Swirling my hand through the colours

  1. Sharon Clare says:

    Looks as beautiful as your words make it sound.

  2. Beautiful, Carole-Ann. Your prose made my rushing body just slow down and wallow in the beauty of both your words and the scene you are describing. I just have one question. Why didn’t you take me???

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