The Sticky Web of my Past

I dreamt of the years gone by and was fascinated by the memories that folded, one upon another, like layers of sweet icing that tempted me back.

I stayed for a long while until sadness began to leave a bitter taste on my tongue.

I miss…I miss…I miss.  The whispers sing, and the sorrows tamper with the treasures of my past.

“Everything in moderation,” my mother used to say.  “Too much, is just too much.”

I grieve for times that have gone, and for those who were once at my side.  Dwelling far too long in the sticky web of the past, I find it begins to alter my vision of who I am.

There is a time and a place for everyone.

I layer my soul with bits of the past, and finally leave the rest where it must stay…behind me.

My eyes open to embrace the memories that are forming like wisps of smoke around me.  I look to one who walks close to me now, and smile.

Every day I stay present longer, and learn more, and every day the happiness reaches further back.

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3 Responses to The Sticky Web of my Past

  1. So true, Carole-Ann. We have to vacate those empty spaces for fear of becoming trapped there. Lovely poem, my dear!

    • Carole-Ann says:

      Thanks Elaine! I find myself wandering back far too often lately, and have to work hard to turn away. When it takes me away from my writing its a bad thing!

  2. Dawn Moreau says:

    Carole..sent you a message on Facebook. Not sure if you would get it. Wow! You are living the dream..doing what you’re passionate about! Good for you. My oldest son Brent has done a blog for a few years of his travels. I admire the gift of writing. It truly is inspirational. I would love to hear from you if you so desire. Dawn

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