A Difficult Path

I was saddened to hear last week of the sudden death of Kyle Gaic.

I did not know Kyle personally, but I know his mother Vicki Teed and his Aunt Cheryl Olsen, and I grieve for them and their family at this time of loss.

My heart hurts too for Kyle, who at 27, as his obituary read, had “lost his struggle in life.”

The years we are given can be, and many times are, ridden with painful twists and turns; for some, the path is so dark their hearts weaken, and they are not strong enough to see the light of hope that surrounds them.

The sorrow was heavy at Kyle’s funeral, but pictures and memories told, and retold, spoke of a man who cared deeply for others.

Michelangelo believed there were angels hidden in the blocks of marble and stone that he was presented with, and he spent his life working to release them.  I believe Vicki released the angels in Kyle’s life the day of his funeral, and with this act she gave each and every one of his friends much needed hope and direction.

Vicki’s path has become more difficult now, as she learns to navigate her life without her son, but she understands the value Kyle’s life has given back, and this I believe, will support and strengthen her as she moves forward.

Because we remember…..

….this is not where it ends.   Carrie Underwood.


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2 Responses to A Difficult Path

  1. Cheryl Olsen says:

    Carole-Ann once again your writing has touched my heart. Beautifully written.
    Thank you! xo

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