Our Journey

My youngest son was married last month—Oct 26th—and I travelled west with my sister to see him wed in Chetwynd, BC.

It was quite an adventure for us both, as time was short, and travel was plenty.

What a vast country we live in!

Chetwynd is located in the northern portion of British Columbia, near the border of Alberta.  It lies between Dawson Creek to the northeast, and Prince George to its south.

Our journey involved flying via West Jet out of Hamilton, ON to Calgary, AB.   After a 4 hour flight we had a 3 hour layover at the airport before boarding a plane to Edmonton, and then on to Grande Prairie, AB.  From Grande Prairie, we had a 3-hour road trip by car, before finally reaching our destination.         

When I stood in the airport parking lot, waiting for our rental car to arrive, I recalled my last visit to AB, over 31 years ago, to visit my older brother and sister in law.  I remembered that earlier trip so well, but it was overwhelming to come face to face with the number of years that had accumulated, like fallen leaves, between the then and the now.

My mind whirls when confronted head on with the speed in which time travels.

Time and tide wait for no man.

I know that adage to be true to the core, and I logically comprehend that I am powerless to stop this march of the minutes, so why does it continue to take me by surprise?

So much has happened.  The years have passed, and my boys are grown, they are men now.

A dream comes to me sometimes, creeping in on the clouds before the dawn, where my children are small again, and I frantically close around them, to hold them, to protect them.  I awaken anxious, and ever concerned about their safety.

My father told me once that you never stop worrying about your kids…never.  I see the truth in that now.

But as I stood and watched my youngest son pledge his heart and soul to his bride, I witnessed how truly happy he was, and that, in itself, was a wondrous gift to find in the woods of British Columbia.  That’s all a parent can ask for isn’t it?—happiness for their children.

Congratulations and all my love to Mr. & Mrs. Vance T. Young!

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8 Responses to Our Journey

  1. Gwennie says:

    Congrat’s dearest cuz….. what a special time in your life x0x

  2. Pam Ward says:

    Love this post…..
    The reminder to cherish each and every day is always appreciated as we tend to rush through life forgetting just how limited our time here actually is. Your words are beautiful as always and a wonderful addition to my day!
    So happy for Vance and his new bride!

    • Carole-Ann says:

      So true Pam, we do indeed rush forward always intent on getting somewhere instead of enjoying what is presently around us! Thank you once again
      for all your encouragement!

  3. Cheryl Olsen says:

    Congrats to All! xo

  4. Shannon Young says:

    Made me cry. We were both extremely happy that you and Aunt Joyce could make it. :) Love the photos!

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