Try to Remember

There is a gentle air of innocence that surrounds children and their pets.  They both gaze

We believe! We believe!

out at the world with honest, wide eyed wonder, believing with every breath, that anything, anything at all, is possible.

And they trust—wholeheartedly—that all will be well, for they know in their hearts that you will take care of them.  It is a heady responsibility, but far from a burden, for it is an honour to be caretaker, even for a short while, to such faith.

Their conviction allows me, for brief illuminated moments in time, to believe, once again that anything is indeed possible—for me, for them.

It is true that the often time abrasive aspects of daily life can wear me down, can expose my jaded, disappointed side, so it is therefore a pleasure, to be gently reminded of the magic that is out there still, a magic of possibilities that drifts on the edge of my days waiting patiently for me to remember.

I must try and remember more often.

Welcome to 2014!

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4 Responses to Try to Remember

  1. Sharon Clare says:

    Well said, Carole Ann. So true, it’s wonderful to see possibilities through the eyes of a child. Didn’t we feel invincible then!

    • Carole-Ann says:

      And it is so nice to be reminded of possibilities still there to discover! Sometimes I worry too much about how fragile life is instead of just hurrying out the door to discover what exactly life is offering up!

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