The Day I met Pear

I met Pear sometime in late November. 

It was just around the time when the frenzy of Christmas was starting to crowd the days, making them a little tight, a little uncomfortable.

I know without a doubt it was before I had started to wrap my home in Christmas tinsel for that was one of the worries crowding my thoughts.

The day had bumped me rudely through morning and afternoon with nary a concern about my well being, and by the time I walked into the grocery store just after 5 pm, I was feeling rather low, and more than a little bruised.

Even when you are well aware that you are experiencing a ‘blue moment’, even when you realize that you should not take yourself too seriously, it remains a herculean effort to keep your emotions tucked politely away.  The fact was I was in a bit of a funk.

I wandered into the produce section feeling perhaps that the bruised fruit and I would be able to commiserate on our shared pain.

And, as you can probably guess, that is the exact moment when I met…Pear.

I almost walked right on by—I almost missed out—I was that distracted, but as luck would have it, I turned down an aisle and spotted Pear immediately!

His colour was a perfect blend of a subdued red, mixed with a lovely muted yellow.  He was called Anjou, a French pear that promised me the sun in the subtle streaks on its skin.

This Pear was there to lighten my mood!  I just knew it!

What a unique moment—just a tiny sliver of time amongst the rush of life, when artfully cast shades on a pear succeeded in catching on to my gloom and ripping it away.

Pear came home with me that night.

The next day—a weekend, thank Heavens—I began my quest to capture the very best portrayal of Pear on film.

First picture: Pear alone, his shadow begging me to lay pencil to paper.

Pear with Book

Shadow Pear

Second picture: The classic!  Pear with Book.  The title alone screamed museum wall!

Finally, I found the composition I was looking for—Pear with Rustic tones of Wicker.

Success!  I loved it!

What a wonderful lesson of simplicity!

I felt so much better.

Pear with Rustic Wicker


Mackenzie, a young friend of mine, took on my Pear with Book with a humour that keeps me smiling still, and offered up her Cookie with Candle!

Cookie and Candle

And so the lightness continues!

Bravo Kenzie!!

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3 Responses to The Day I met Pear

  1. Pam Ward says:

    Both Kenzie I were delighted to see our friend pear as the star of your latest blog post!!! We were reading all the way through, laughing and enjoying all that you had to say about pear’s journey….
    Imagine our surprise when cookie made her debute at the very end – needless to say Kenzie was totally trilled. Thank you for sharing, we enjoyed it thoroughly

  2. Lindsey Joy says:

    I feel the same way about mangoes! Biting into a fresh mango, with the juice dripping down the sides of your cheeks… there’s nothing better!
    Suddenly, I want a feuit salad lol

    • Carole-Ann says:

      I just have such an issue with the process of peeling the mango…is it called peeling?…no maybe it is the cutting. Anyhow, along with handling saran wrap it is another one of my little ‘issues’ :)

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