Writing…is difficult

Writing fiction is not an easy task.  The process involves long hours where you spend anguished moments staring at blank pages, or even longer moments reading over words that were committed to paper, but that in the light of day make no sense what so ever.

It is a difficult journey, that is true, but for anyone who thrives on the written word, and for anyone who dreams of  building their own story, it is a necessary road to travel.

Without the support of fellow writers it would be a very lonely path to publication.  The road would be long and arduous, with each turn possibly filled with pitfalls, disappointments and…gasp…criticism.  The fact is, we need other writers to survive because they understand the pain, and the value of encouragement.

Jennifer Filipowicz is a writer that easily pulls you into her story, her words allow you to immediately identify and relate to characters I never would have met otherwise.  She opens my mind to robots, to lizards, to those I never glanced at before, and she makes me believe in them, and care for them.

Jennifer has been in my Writer’s Group for the past six plus years, and I appreciate and value her support and feedback.

Please take a moment to visit the link below to meet Jennifer and some fellow writers (including me!)


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  1. Thanks Carole Ann! Your writing makes me believe in magic!

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