Crayola Dandelion Yellow Retires

Dandelion Yellow Retires March 31, 2017

So proclaimed Crayola, twitting out its announcement as follows: Our beloved Dandelion decided to announce his retirement early!  There’s no taming an adventurous spirit! #NationalCrayonDay

And what I want to know is…how?  How did Dandelion Yellow do it?

Did he start collecting his crayon shavings early?…say from Day 1 when he first joined his brethren in the famous Box of 24?  Perhaps he invested, and then re-invested when the shavings started to grow.  I do wonder if he ever worried, even a little, when interest started to flag in colouring books, but of course there came the save with the introduction of Adult Colouring books and shortly after, the much sought after ticket into Chapters.

I wonder if, as time drew along side of  him, if he posted messages of inspiration on his focus board.  Perhaps he saved a collection of words which, when viewed, helped to push him outside the lines.  There was always news from the Box of 24, telling and retelling stories about Dandelion’s dedicated focus and drive.

There was, of course, the gray days.  And the Box of 24 had Gray, still do.  Gray tried to retire, I believe it was back in 1980, however a miscalculation on the value of his shavings brought his dream of altering the hue of the mountains in Colorado to a disappointing end.  He slipped back into the Box quietly, grateful his slot was still available. I heard he was the first to congratulate Dandelion Yellow.  He’s a soft soul is Gray.

So, the question remains, how did Dandelion, that crafty crayon do  it?

Fact is, I’m green with envy.  Colour me jealous, and send me back to work, cuz obviously my retirement planning (I use the term planning loosely!) was not as adventurous as Dandelion’s.

I wish you well my old friend.  Colour that sunset AWESOME!

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