Summer Awareness

This summer of 2017 has been a rather soggy ride.

Mid-July, Environment Canada baptised it the “Year of the Big Wet”, so it certainly wasn’t my slightly dramatic imagination bringing on the rain.

By the middle of August, we finally received some heat reminiscent of past summers, and the green in my back yard quickly faded to an unattractive yellow/brownish shade.  The fading of the colours brought me to the back one early morning, hose in hand, I stood spraying streams of water back and forth over various parched areas.  I enjoy this activity, finding the repetitive motion soothing and hypnotic.  It allows me a moment of relaxation, a valuable time for self.

On this particular morning, my floaty thoughts were interrupted by the most energetic audition of vocals by a robin a top my neighbours roof.  He was a tired looking specimen, his colours muted and dusty.  What he looked like was a traveller who’d been on the road way too long.

I kept still, allowing a perfect gentle arch of water to flow to one spot only on the lawn.  Before I knew it, the air weary bird was showering energetically under the spray, right in front of me!  I wanted to laugh out loud, for his presence, his innocent shower antics, made me so very happy!

But, I wanted him to stay, so I remained still and silent.

And, he did stay, if only for a bit.

It made my morning, and it set the tone for my day.

Remember this my little songbird and never forget(ˆ◡ˆ)

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