Examining us all

It’s interesting when driving around, whether to and from work, or when running around doing errands, it’s interesting to watch various reactions to oncoming traffic.

Squirrels, well those guys, they are the best!  They are serious when on traffic patrol, they look, they wait, and they dart!  Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t, but you have to give them credit, they are aware of the dangers, and they watch.

Cats, they’re fast, but they too watch, you can tell they have some awareness of the risks involved when crossing the road.  They slink, they analyze, and they make their move.

Dogs, love’em I do, but are they road smart? nope, they are not.

Then, we have the human element, the masses of those who have created technology, those who have the smarts that has taken us beyond this earth of ours, we are those labeled the higher level of intelligence, apparently.  The aforementioned squirrels and cats, they assess the area prior to crossing the busy road, we don’t.  We can be seen clutching the arm of their companions, usually their best friends, and what do they do? they look straight ahead and run together with a ‘us against the world’ kind of attitude, and they run blindly across the road.  They don’t look and try and gauge the distance between them and the oncoming car, nope, they run holding tight to the belief that nothing will happen to them.

Now, I am not trying to be the critic looking down upon others from an older age.  Fact, is, I have done the same.  Sad, but true.  I saw a fleet of cars coming and I clutched my girl friends arm and we ran together across that busy road, neither looking left or right, always just blindly forward, always believing only that we would make it to the other side.

Hmm, am I criticizing or do I miss this blind belief of youth?

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