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September 07, 2012

My Early Loves…starting way, way back.

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson

Any and all books by Marguerite Henry

Trixie Belden: does anyone remember Trixie and her friend Honey Wheeler? Ahh, those were some good reading days!
Nancy Drew, of course, and when I ran through her adventures I moved into the ‘boy’s realm’ devouring the Hardy Boys series.

Author Mary O’Hara with My Friend Flicka, Thunderhead and the Green Grass of Wyoming. Checked out the movie with Tim McGraw “Flicka”, Tim worked well as the Dad. I think Tim would work well doing anything Tim wanted to do! I’m just saying!

Walter Farley with the Story of Man O’War, the Black Stallion series…are you starting to see a theme here?

Many, many stories by Jack London.

James Herriot: his books I treasure for his humour, his love of family, his dedication to the animals, his stories will never grow tired.

Growing up I prowled the house always looking for something new to read. I discovered Catherine Cookson by my mother’s reading chair and Louis L’Amour over with my Dad. When my Grandmother came to visit, I checked out her books: Cherry Ames by Helen Wells, a series of mystery/romance novels set in a hospital setting (cuz Cherry was a nurse, don’t you know!…with the pert little white cap a top of her curls and everything!); and last, but not least, the various Harlequin novels that my Grandmother favoured.

I cannot close without mentioning Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time…a science fiction fantasy, a change up in my library. Interesting to note that more than two dozen publishers rejected her novel before it was finally picked up! As a writer, I love to hear such stories of disappointments, disappointments and finally discovery, and success!
A Wrinkle in Time fired my imagination, and the story trailed along with me, as I headed into the angst of my teenage years.

Early loves

4 Responses to Books and other lovers

  1. Pam Ward says:

    I’ll Love You Forever….. I was introduced to that book when I was pregnant with Kenzie. It touched me in ways I never imagined that a book could. To this day it still brings me back everytime I think about the story or see the book in the store.

  2. CathyLawrence says:

    I too still covet a copy of A Wrinkle in Time, will have to read again. Once book I re-read every 5 years or so since I was a girl…Island of the blue dolphins. If you haven’t read it you must find a copy and wonder…

  3. Carole-Ann says:

    I have never checked out the Island of the Blue Dolphins, I will put that on my list! Thanks for visiting Cathy!

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