About Carole-Ann Vance

About Carole-Ann Vance:
From the very moment, I walked onto that library bus in Ottawa, those many moons ago, I was hooked, and my love affair with books began in earnest. If I do not have a new book waiting in the wings for me, I feel out of step, off-kilter, and throw pen and paper into the mix, well…Hallelujah!…I’m in seventh Heaven!

I write first in long hand, transfer to my computer, and back to the pen for more edits, so my love moves from pages to pens with ease. On my wish list, right near the top, I have noted: purchase a Mont Blanc pen…fountain pen…preferably from that lovely shop I read about, Stylos Wagram in Paris, France, which I will use to autograph the inside cover of my newly published novel (a gal’s gotta dream after all!).

I spend as much time as possible reading, reading, and writing (need to put more emphasis on the writing portion, if I want to buy that pen!). I watch butterflies with my granddaughter, and I extract promises, written in stone, from my grandson, for hugs, that are payable even when he morphs into a…shudder…teenager.
Most importantly I spend time looking for that elusive air of magic that seems to have slipped away when I became an adult.

About my Blog: Whispers of Age and other stories I have heard:
The whispers of age, that static hum that time makes as it hurries past us, has recently for me, turned into a cacophony of alarm bells that has both distressed me, and hurried me along to those dreams I have been putting off. I worried, and fussed that I would run out of time before I even began to turn in the direction of where I needed to go. Worry turned into fear, and stopped me in my tracks.

As a writer I wanted to ‘talk’ about what was happening to me, but I also wanted to hear how others have coped with this speeding train called time. Aging brings both good and bad to the table, leaving marks that change how we look at life, and how we react to each day. Emotions, experiences, all those echoes of life, find their way into stories and novels, so discussions of the writing craft fell comfortably into place along with this examination of the domino effect of passing years.

I think I am going to enjoy my Blog, I hope others will too.

13 Responses to About Carole-Ann Vance

  1. Gwen Hannaford says:

    love this…. I will certainly stay tuned! Congrat’s cuz

  2. Pam Ward says:

    You finally took the leap and went public with your writing!!! I am so excited for you, now everyone can share in your endless talent.
    Awesome work :)

  3. Doreen Olsen says:

    Hi Carol Anne

    Good writing , Keep up the good work, it looks like you have a great future .

    all the best. love Mom O

  4. Carole-Ann says:

    Thanks Mom O!! So glad you enjoyed it!!

  5. Laurie Bernard says:

    Wow Carole-Ann you write so beautifully! So nice to get some of the blanks filled in as far as behind the scenes family stuff goes…..will definitely stay tuned! Very proud to call you family! Laurie

  6. Carole-Ann says:

    Laurie thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, will let you know when I post again, so you will come back!

  7. shirley glenn-vance says:

    Eddy!!! Excellent writing!!! Keep up the good work, and I’m so proud of you!!

    And want to hear the pet story!!

  8. DENNIS OLSEN says:

    C/A you have a wonderful way with words.Follow those dreams, i love the carbon foot print you are leaving behind in your words.
    Love Den

  9. Zee says:

    Hey Carole,
    I am happily surprised to see that you are a writer! I was right when I used to tell Dennis that he is lucky having you in his life:)
    I am impressed of your writing style and follow up your writings.

    Please add me to your fan’s list:)

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